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Midterms as told by Grey’s Anatomy GIFs

That initial moment when you realize….it’s midterm season. Tests, papers, presentations: Let the stress begin. 

When you try to tell yourself that you won’t cram and panic the night before, and study a week ahead of time 

When you go to the library to study and it’s full, and Slavin is full, and Ruane is full, and even Moore and Feinstein are full, and you start to wonder exactly HOW many people go to this school now? 

The moment you realize exactly how much you need to get done in the next few hours…. 

And the moment you realize how much coffee you have consumed and that you can feel the coffee coming out of your pores at this point… 

The night before the test… 

But also the night before the test… (believe in yourself ladies)

When the smartest kid on your class is talking about how little they know and are going to fail… but they answer every question in class and you’re pretty sure that they have every reading memorized

When you finally turn in that last midterm and you officially have free time again! 

Midterms are a rough time, but you’ll get through it!! 

Good luck and GO FRIARS!! 

Cierra Duclos

Providence '20

Cierra Duclos is a Political Science and History double major at Providence College. On campus she is involved in Club Figure Skating, PC Democrats, and HerCampus. She also enjoys watching Netflix, finding new gluten free foods, cuddling with her dogs, and hanging out with her friends. Her dream job is working as a coporate lawyer in Boston.
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