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Meet Maggie McKenna- Club Basketball Star


Maggie McKenna


Accounting and Management 


Orlando, FL

Why did you chose PC?

As surprising as it might sound, I wanted a change from all the sunshine in Florida. I wanted seasons. I also wanted a small, Catholic school with big sports, a strong business program, and liberal arts opportunities, or PC in a nutshell. Two years ago, I never would have imagined I would have ended up going to school in Providence, Rhode Island. But after choosing PC, I could not imagine myself anywhere else. All the opportunities PC has both in and out of the classroom are what first attracted me to Providence College, but all the wonderful people, endless school spirit, abundance of spiritual life, and supportive nature of the school have what kept me here and made PC feel like home. 


What are you involved with on campus?

Peer Minister, Vice President of Women’s Club Basketball, Intramurals (as many as I can), Women in Business, Accounting Association

When did you get involved with club basketball? What is your role on it? Do you guys travel and where? What is the best part of the team?

I started with Club Basketball during the Fall of my freshman year and by my sophomore year I became Vice President. Having played basketball my entire life, something many people do not know is I originally tried out to walk on to the D1 women’s team here. When that did not work out, I found my perfect balance of basketball and college life through the club team. We travel to and play schools from around the New England area including Fairfield University, UCONN, Boston College, Brown, Assumption, and Northeastern just this past season. Aside from giving me the chance to continue to play competitive basketball in college, the best part of club is the like-minded family I have made through my teammates.

Speed Round

Favorite Movie: Devil Wears Prada

Favorite Music: Country

Puppies or Kittens: Puppies (“What kind of question is that?”)

If you could go anywhere: Santorini

Favorite food: BBQ chicken wings

Least favorite class: theology

DisneyWorld or Disneyland:  DisneyWorld



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Providence '01

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