Meet Kara Korslund







She’s beauty, she’s grace, she's fallen on her face, she’s Kara Korslund. I sat down with her and asked her the hard hitting questions.

Name: Kara Korslund

Hometown: Peabody, MA

Grade: Senior

Major: Marketing

Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Food: Duck Confit Mac and Cheese

Favorite Song: Gun by Chvrches

Dream Job: Celebrity Stylist

What’s your go to makeup item?: Mascara

What’s your Starbucks order?: Venti iced caramel macchiato with almond milk.

If you were president, what would be the first law that you make?: Make "All Star" by Smashmouth the national anthem. In all seriousness, it would probably be a law about healthcare.

Favorite Restaurant: Howling Wolf in Salem MA.

Fun Fact: I dislocated my knee during a dance performance here at PC and had to army crawl offstage.

Would you rather fall onstage at graduation or fart during a job interview?: I would rather fart during a job interview, because you can laugh it off, and only the interviewer knows about it instead of the whole entire Dunkin Donuts Center.