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Meet Alex Moody

Name: Alexandra Moody:

Hometown: Farmington, CT

Class Year: 2017 

Major: Marketing

Favorite Color: Lilac

Show you Most Recently Binged Watched: Parks and Rec (for a third time)

What are most looking forward to post grad?: No more homework  

What will you miss the most about PC post grad?: Being so close to my friends   

If you were on death row what would you request your last meal to be?: My mom’s flank steak

If you could have any celeb to play you in the movie version of your life who would you pick?: Emma Stone

Would you rather have the food poisoning scene from Bridesmaids happen to you IRL or throw up during graduation: Food Poisoning scene because I could laugh about it later.




College: Providence College, Senior  Major: Marketing  Age: 21  Current Obessions: Rivedale, Reese Witherspoon being a HBIC in Big Little Lies, all the new celebrity book clubs that I'm yet to join but really want to People who inspire me: My mom, sister, and besties, Emma Watson, Reese Witherspoon, Rowan Blanchard, and all the other bada$$ feminists leading the way for me  Fashion Aesthetic: kind of all over the place, but I usually like classic style with a edgy or boho twist  
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