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The Long List of Girl Problems

Being a girl is the best!! Except for when, well, ALL THE TIME. Here is a list of 100 problems that we all suffer from…


1.    Smudging your freshly painted nails

2.    Finding hair everywhere

3.    Wearing impossibly high heels because they look awesome

4.    Falling while wearing the impossibly high heels




5.    Getting a run in your tights

6.    Breaking your last hair elastic while you’re no where near a backup

7.    Where is your second sock?

8.    Waking up and realizing you need to wash your hair again because you didn’t rinse out that last bit of conditioner

9.    Shaving



10.Way too much laundry

11.Having nothing to wear

12.Split ends

13.Picking those split ends

14.The pressure to have Kim Kardashian’s ass which is physically impossible and actually dangerous


16.Getting hit on at bars

17.Going out with the intention of getting hit on and then not getting hit on at bars

18.“Being a bad driver”




20.Applying mascara then sneezing

21.Makeup in general

22.Taking birth control nightly so there’s no mini-you’s running around

23.Have I said shaving yet



26.Doing your eyebrows

27.Losing bobbypins

28.Frizzy hair

29.Doing your hair then walking outside to find out it’s raining

30.Cat calling

31.Why do we have to be so tan

32.“My eyes are up here”

33.Having no boobs

34.Honestly why can’t we be as hairy as boys

35.Oh so we are sluts but guys get praised for their actions



36.You can’t just grab my butt

37.Group messages

38.We can be athletic too you know

39.We don’t have to have sex with you

40.Eyebrows again

41.Sometimes I’m bitchy that doesn’t mean I’m on my period

42.Putting on real jeans




44.Making less money than males do

45.Trimming your nails

46.Constant paranoia of your period


48.Trying to be a sexy dancer at the bar


49.It’s been 4 days you need to shave your armpits

50.Losing underwear in your laundry

51.Doing laundry in a co-ed facility and timing your machines just right so no one touches your underwear

52.Being broke

53.Being called basic



54.Having to constantly buy new clothes

55.We can be nice without flirting with you

56.Hairspray is so sticky but so necessary

57.Posting a photo on Instagram and getting no likes

58.Experimenting with weird beauty products

59.Failing at experimenting with weird beauty products

60.Trying to create a good smokey eye shadow and ending up with two black eyes



61.Feeling inspired to go to the gym but eating a calzone instead

62.Still finding hair in random places

63.Secretly interested in boy bands and Taylor Swift but covering it up

64.Wishing your hair was naturally straight when it’s curly

65.Wishing your hair was naturally curly when it’s straight

66.Losing your earring backs

67.Painting your toe nails then walking on a rug

68.Having to fart in public but holding it in until it’s physically impossible

69.Getting a pimple before a date

70.Finding a date

71.Straightening your hair then wishing you curled it

72.Resting bitch face



73.Feeling immediately judged around unknown girls

74.Biting your nails

75.Unable to get pedicure so your feet are just awful

76.Forgetting to shave your legs if you do get pedicures

77.Being called dumb or a ditz

78.Getting your hair caught in your sunglasses

79.Bleaching your peach fuzz

80.Having to pee while wearing a romper

81.Wishing you were Beyonce

82.Wearing a skirt on a windy day

83.Pants that aren’t long enough or pants that are too long

84.Wanting cool colored hair but not wanting to actually dye your hair

85.The struggle of not wanting to text that guy first

86.Trying to take a decent selfie

87.Asking for a trim and leaving the salon like Britney Spears circa 2007

88.Buying a cute bra but never getting a chance to wear it because it’s probably covered in lace and it’s bumpy through shirts

89.Applying eyeliner


90.Trying to flirt

91.Singing a song so loudly then not knowing what the lyrics are but you can’t stop singing because everyone will know you stopped… because you’re literally screaming the song

92.Getting really sad for like 4 minutes for no reason


93.Trying to rock high waisted shorts but feeling like you’re in a diaper

94.Thinking of a good Instagram caption

95.“Ugh I shaved for nothing”

96.Finding out your crush likes you and then you’re suddenly uninterested

97.Why are the lines for the bathroom so long on the girl’s side only

98.Beards are great until you make-out


100. Wanting to take a picture with your girlfriend but you both have the same ‘good side’

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