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The Jonas Brothers are Back and I’m HERE FOR IT

On Thursday, the greatest boy band of all time (don’t @ me) reunited to release a new single! The Jonas Brothers released “Sucker,” and you know I sat around waiting for midnight to listen as soon as it was out. 

Their typical pop-rock sound was welcomed with open arms, but the real art was in the MUSIC VIDEO. They DID THAT. Kevin, Joe, and Nick dance around the “Alice in Wonderland”-esque set, singing to their super-hot romantic interests. Even better, all of the women starring in the video are their REAL LIFE PARTNERS: Danielle Jonas, Sophie Turner, and Priyanka Chopra. While the guys have great suits on, the costumes of the leading ladies (not to mention sheer beauty!!) really stole the show. Plus, their chemistry on screen is sooooooo intense. The brothers’ purity ring-wearing days are over. Their semi-stupid lyric choices remain. (“the tattoo inside my brain” - come on??????) 

I enjoyed the video and the song very much: it brings me back to my first concert ever, when I saw The Jonas Brothers with Avril Lavigne for the “Burnin’ Up” Tour in 2009. I paid like $50 for a merch t-shirt and cried over “When You Look Me In The Eyes.” My 10-year-old self was a MESS. By now, I'm sure you've all seen the video, considering is #2 on YouTube's trending page, but it won't hurt to watch just one more time. Here's the link:


While it took them a really long time to get back together(6 whole years), I feel like it was necessary. They all went and did their own things for a while: Kevin had his TV show on E!, Joe made music with DNCE, and Nick created a solo album. Their individual growth brought them back together (wholesome !) and now they are able to give what girls born between 1995-1999 deserve: MORE MUSIC. I can't wait to see what they'll do next!

Get back to me when you find someone who has aged better than Joe Jonas. LIKE A FINE WINE.

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Stacie Walsh


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