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It’s Golf Season

If there is one thing that Providence College is known for, it’s golf party. Golf Party is a tradition here at Providence. In the Fall, we tee off for the “Front Nine” then finish off the year with the “Back Nine” in the Spring. The “Front Nine” and “Back Nine” mean bouncing from one party to another nine times. Pretty much how real golf works, right?


Any incoming freshman is so curious to see how this tradition unfolds. It is the most exciting party freshmen attend within the first few months of being on campus. The 2nd most exciting party is on the basement floor of McDermott…aka not that exciting. Golf Party is an excuse to dress as preppy as possible. Basically, Eaton Street looks like someone threw up Lily Pulitzer everywhere. I’m not joking. There is no such thing as showing up to this infamous darty and not bumping into someone wearing the same outfit. It’s a lot of walking and, let me tell you, Jack Rodgers are definitely top 5 most uncomfortable shoes to wear.

Here are some things to expect when attending your first golf party:

1. The festivities begin early, set your alarm clocks.  


2. You will think the visor is coming back. I promise you, it’s not. This is a one-time occurrence.



3. Every guy dresses preppy. Enjoy it.


4. Instagram will be taken over by countless pictures of the same dresses in the same crowd with the same corny captions.



5. Ray Dining Hall has never tasted so good.




6. The cops will be there following you like a car riding your tail on the expressway.




7. Campus faculty will try telling you that “the off-campus event known as golf party isn’t a thing” but I can assure you it is, so don’t let the one email or text from parents saying DO NOT ATTEND GOLF PARTY keep you from crowding Eaton Street.


8. Don’t be surprised if your professors ask you how golf party was. They have the scoop.



9. Walking past tour groups on campus you’ll hear Friars’ Club guides telling the parents and students there is a campus event where “everyone gets dressed up.” Just yell “Go Friars!”



The “Front Nine” of 2017 is behind us and now we have to set the clubs aside until the Spring. But don’t worry, we will be hitting up the driving range very soon.

Addison Thomas is a Marketing Major at Providence College. She is a member of the Class of 2021. Addison is interested in broadcast journalism and volunteering in her free time. She enjoys traveling, watching The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, drinking coffee and taking pictures.
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