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In the most simple way I can put this: you don’t.

Just kidding.

There are plenty of ways to make the all-nighters, and the feeling of wooden library chairs a little more inviting.  

First off, unless you are one of those people who need complete silence when they study famous theologians of the nineteenth century, you are going to want a playlist that describes Finals Week.  Fortunately, I have a few recommendations that will put your feelings into words.  Here is a few songs that you should have no problem relating to:

    1.  What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber

    2.  Focus – Ariana Grande

    3.  I Fall Apart – Post Malone

    4.  Blank Space – Taylor Swift

    5.  Over My Head – The Fray

    6.  Unwell – Matchbox Twenty

    7.  Help! – The Beatles

    8.  I Won’t Give Up – Jason Mraz

    9.  Unsteady – X Ambassador

    10.  Mercy – Shawn Mendes


Number two on your list of necessities you need is copious amounts of coffee (the more sugar, the better).  You are going to be up for a while, and you can not be tempted by the warmness of your bed.  Stand your ground.  


The next step on your very own survival guide is to isolate yourself.  Normally, this is not something you would want to do when you need to actually survive, however trust me when I say this.  Your friends will not help you, they will only hurt you.  You will want to be as focused as you can.  


The greatest combination when it comes to studying for finals is a great study spot and lots of snacks.  I recommend fifth floor Harkins lounge, Aquinas Lounge and Slavin Atrium.  Those places are extremely quiet and have light foot traffic with little distractions. Perfect for studying. Also, give yourself time to eat meals in between. Your brain always works better with a nice grilled cheese in your stomach. Oh, that is just me? Ok.


Of course, I am going to sound like a broken record, but do NOT wait until the last day to study.  The more time you give yourself to retain the information, the less you have to stress during the night before the exam.  Personally, the stress always become too much for me and it always ends in tears.  A few breakdowns are allowed, encouraged even.


All jokes aside, the perfect routine for Finals Week comes with whatever you feel is most comfortable.  The key to surviving long study hours is being comfortable, which means no tight jeans and no itchy sweaters.  Girls, the world will not end if you are not wearing makeup.  As long as you grab a bag of your favorite snack, throw on the most comfortable sweatshirt you own and follow all of the steps I previously listed, I promise your Finals Week will be the most successful one has ever been.


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