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How To: Pretend You Know Things About Football During the Super Bowl

There are two types of girls when it comes to sports, the girls who actually know stuff about fouls and yellow flag thingys, and the types of girls who pretend like they know sports so their guy friends don’t kick them out of the room with the food and the big screen. I of course, am the ladder. However, fear not uneducated sports fans, you can finally redeem yourself for when you thought the Seahawks won the World Series last year.

Here are some tips:

Study up on common sports lingo

“Man did you see that interception by Sherman??” Join the high fiving and chest bumping going on around you.


Know the players

Whether you’re a Seahawks fan or a Pats fan you have to know at least some of the first and last names of their best players (hint: last names are on the back of the jerseys).“Did you see the pass Brady made to Gronk??” That’s right boys, pass those wings.

And finally, know why the guys get pissed when the ref pulls a yellow flag out of his hideous pinstriped pocket.

“No way that catch was good, c’mon ref that was an incomplete!!”


Congratulations, you have successfully pulled off knowing about football. Go grab yourself a cold one, kick back, and enjoy the festivities. 

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