How to Crush Interviews

1. Look Professional

If you're not interviewing for a full time gig yet a suit is not necessary. However, you should still look put together and professional. You want to show your interviewer that you take the opportunity seriously. A nice button down shirt with a knee-length pencil skirt or dress pants will definitely show that you are interested in the job. If you still feel under dressed, try pairing it with a cardigan or blazer.


2. Practice Your Spiel

You can always count on an interviewer to ask you about yourself. This includes talking about why you chose your major, what you're involved with on campus, and even what you just like to do for fun. You need to practice this spiel to avoid over using the words "uhmmm" and "like". It's a nervous tick that you really need to try to avoid falling into in an interview.


3. Have Questions

Another way to show that you are serious about a gig is coming into the interview with prepared questions. Ask about the role's day-to-day and any general questions about the company as a whole. When asking about the company, don't ask anything that looking at the website would give you. Ask something like "What about this company do employees love?". Something along those lines so that the interviewer can sell the job to you as much as you are selling yourself to the job.


4. Bring a Notebook

You need to remember the answers to your questions. The interview is your opportunity to get information on the job beyond the listing. It is also another way to show your interviewer that you are serious about the opportunity. You should take notes on the most essential aspects of the job, and the answers to any questions that you ask.


5. Send a Thank You

A lot of interviewers will throw out your application if you do not thank them for their time. Whether you write an email or send a physical card, a thank you is absolutely essential for a successful interview. It is also your final pitch at why you would be great for the position. Some key things to include are your gratitude, why you think you would be a great fit, and that you look forward to hearing back.