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How to Balance a Busy Schedule

Like many upperclassmen on campus this year, I have suddenly found myself pretty ~overly~ involved. With a full class schedule, a work study, internship, exec boards, sports, and several clubs, I often find myself desperately trying to figure out how to get it all done and still sleep. It may only be midterm season, but here’s some tips that I’ve found helpful:



I *LIVE* in my planner. I am that girl who really puts everything in it, so I’ve spent a few years perfecting what I really want out of it, and I’ll spend a little more than most people to get what I need in a planner. Recently, I’ve been using Emily Ley Simplified Planners, while expensive, the daily version has a page per day, and each page has an hour by hour schedule and a to do list, which fits perfectly when I’m trying to figure out when I have 30 mins to grab lunch. 

I also used Lilly Pulitzer ones for a while, I loved the bright colors and happy sayings in them. I’ve also found great ones at Marshalls’ and TJ Maxx, it just depends on what you need out of the planner and where you can find it! 


I’ve never been one to work ahead, even today I found myself writing a paper that’s due tomorrow night. However, my schedule doesn’t really allow for scrambling late nights trying to get it all done anymore. I’ve found that while at my work study, if I don’t have any pressing projects, I can get a lot of my reading done for classes. Doing a bit of homework every day, has helped me a lot this semester. #nodaysoff

Choosing Wisely 

In addition to being the biggest fan of the saying, “work smarter not harder”, I’ve found that this semester, if I’m not in love with it, I’m not doing it. Clubs I only attend every once in a while, go to the bottom of my priority list- if I can get there, great. If I can’t I’m not going to beat myself up over it. I love my skating girls and that break in my week of an hour on the ice really helps me to keep my sanity- which is why I can be found in Schneider Arena many nights and early mornings. 

Strategic Planning- Food Edition

I am finally out of the traditional dorms, which has improved my quality of life here at PC tenfold. This being said, I dropped down to a small meal plan; meaning I need to plan out when I can cook and when I have to eat at Ray. I’ve become a huge fan of quick easy meals- frozen chicken nuggets, homemade quesadillas, salads and rice bowls, eggs, etc. These are usually fairly inexpensive, and don’t need to be watched over so I can read a few more pages while it cooks. 


I have a weird sleeping schedule- just ask any of my roommates. I know I need about 6 hours of sleep to function, so since I have to be up early every day, I cut off the homework at 1 am- whether it is finished or not. 

Self Care

            Having such a busy schedule during the school year at times kicks my butt, but when I can, I love to put on a face mask and just watch some TV. Listen to your mind, if you’re in good shape for your next due date, but you’re feeling overwhelmed, just take a couple hours to relax- it really does you good. On a different kind of self care- if your friends are going out over the weekend- go with them. A night out does you good. (and you can avoid your problems while having fun)

Good luck and go Friars!! 

Cierra Duclos

Providence '20

Cierra Duclos is a Political Science and History double major at Providence College. On campus she is involved in Club Figure Skating, PC Democrats, and HerCampus. She also enjoys watching Netflix, finding new gluten free foods, cuddling with her dogs, and hanging out with her friends. Her dream job is working as a coporate lawyer in Boston.
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