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Her Campus Providence Spilled Their Guts Last Month

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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Providence chapter.

Guts World tour comes to boston

Roughly one month has passed since Her Campus Providence Members went to Night One of the Guts World Tour in Boston. Looking back on the show has allowed for further appreciation of Olivia Rodrigo’s talents as a performer and musician. Rodrigo’s set created an intimate performance, even for those sitting in the back of TD Garden. In addition to Rodrigo’s performance, Chappell Roan is a new addition to my Spotify playlist after her incredible opening act.  

Roan is getting the recognition she deserves after her appearance in several cities as an opener, with Boston being her last stop on the tour. “After Midnight” has all the elements that an edgy pop song needs and gets the crowd on their feet instantly. 

Rodrigo energizes fans with “bad idea right?” once the Guts candles melt away on the screen behind the stage. One could not help but scream the words to this beloved single, as it is an upbeat hit that sets the mood for the rest of the show. Following the opening song, “ballad of a homeschooled girl” maintains the ambiance originally set during the first few minutes while giving fans a non-single song early into the concert. 

Not only is Rodrigo’s set exceptional in terms of musical talent, but it also has incredible visuals that allow all fans to get an intimate concert experience. During “logical” and “enough for you,” Rodrigo rotates around the whole arena on a purple crescent moon suspended from the ceiling, providing all fans with an excellent photo opportunity, including those in the last seats of the arena. After the early burst of Rodrigo’s tracks that carry a more enraged tone, the melancholy gives fans a chance to relax after jumping and screaming for much of the beginning. 

On Boston Night One, Rodrigo, after getting a sense of the crowd, asks, “Are there any Hunger Games fans in the room?” After an enthusiastic scream in response, Rodrigo begins to sing “Can’t Catch Me Now,” which is featured in The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes soundtrack. Rodrigo’s use of questions for the audience made the show feel more personal. As a fan of The Hunger Games, this moment will not soon be forgotten. 

Rodrigo, however, saves the best for last with “get him back!” Throughout the entire show, fans were anxiously waiting to hear this track, but saving it for the end is strategic on Rodrigo’s part. The show ends where it began with Rodrigo’s impassioned tracks after taking a break in the middle for her more somber tracks. This framing leaves fans waiting to spill their guts once again during Rodrigo’s next tour.

Christina Charie

Providence '25

Christina is a political science and economics double major at Providence College. On campus, she is the Opinion Editor for the college's newspaper and a member of the campus comedy club. She has a passion for women's rights, fashion, and art.