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It’s fall, and we all know what that means! Having so much work that you can’t see straight, midterms, and the absolute need of a some time to relax. At Her Campus Providence, we received tons of super fun stuff for our fall survival kits, and here are all of my comments on what we got to try out.

Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo

I was very skeptical of this product; I’ve used dry shampoo in the past and they never seemed to work for me. I washed my hair on a Wednesday, and decided to try it out on Thursday. It not only kept my hair from looking super-greasy, but continued to look (relatively) clean into Friday, when I used it for a second day in a row. By Friday, the baseball hat look was definitely much-needed, but for early classes, this product was super helpful.

Bed Head Mini Masterpiece

    I really, really liked this hairspray. My hair is super long and thick, and anyone who knows me knows how it doesn’t hold a curl, and how much hairspray I go through. This hairspray held my curls intact from 9:00 am until I went to bed at 1:00 am. Further, one of my biggest pet peeves is when my hair gets crunchy from too much hair spray, and I can’t run my hand through it; and here, my curls were super loose and relaxed.

Erin Condren “You Are Entirely Up to You” Life Planner

As someone who would be completely lost without her planner, this was super exciting to get, considering I may need to add another one to my life. There are adorable little motivational quotes in the beginning that even the best of us need sometimes. It also has a cute pink ribbon that acts as a place holder so you never have to turn every page just to get to the week you're in!

Freeman Polishing Charcoal and Black Sugar Gel Mask and Scrub

This mask is for “all skin types”, and it worked so well! I have sensitive skin, which isn’t prone to breakouts, but I don’t usually switch my makeup and skincare products. After I took the mask off, my skin was so soft, as promised on the front of the packaging!

Aèropostale Sunglasses

I am SUCH a sunglasses person! I am used to using aviators, so the cat-eye style was definitely a change for me. They came a little low onto my cheekbones, but I LOVED how funky they were! Plus, I could put them on my head and not get my hair tangled in the bridge! A definite game changer.

L’orèal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Medium

I get very tan in the summer, so at this point, it is fading, but I am still relatively tan. I tried the Self-Tanning towelettes, and I was nervous to look like Anne Hathaway in Bride Wars when she got spray tanned. Fortunately, I had a super natural tan by the time I was done using the, and didn’t turn out streaky or orange!

Spindrift Sparkling Water; Strawberry

This sparklling water comes in a super cute can and is made of real fruit and water. All of their products are unsweetened – the only thing sweet in it is the real fruit. The calories and sugar come from real fruit. Now, I’m not a big sparkling water or fruit juice person, but I really liked this brand! The strawberry wasn’t too strong, and it was super refreshing!

HI-CHEW Fruit Candy

I’m really not a fruit candy person, chocolate is my usual go to. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I tried HI-CHEW. HI-CHEW is candy with real fruit flavor and a fun, chewy texture.The grape flavor, (which I was skeptical of, because grape = cough medicine), was actually really good, as was the strawberry. Definitely pick up a package of these the next time you go to Target or Walmart!

Steripod Toothbrush Protector

This protector was super useful; it kept my toothbrush really clean! Living in a college dorm, your toothbrush travels from your room to the communal bathroom, it’s good to know that it would stay protected and free of any germs.


And that wraps up my editorial of the Fall Her Campus Survival Kit! If you want to learn more about any of theses super fun products, or being a part of our AMAZING group, send Her Campus a message on any of our social media platforms! We’d love to get to know you!  HCXO




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