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Hello Spring, Goodbye Seasonal Depression

On Sunday, March 20th, the season of spring officially began. The week prior, the weather slowly started to get warmer, the sun slowly started setting later, and the chirps of birds slowly started filling the morning air. From here on out, you can officially say goodbye to your seasonal depression and begin to look forward to what spring has to offer.  

Spring is a unique season of the year. Winter is officially over, but many summer activities are not available yet. However, there are still many enjoyable activities that are unique to spring. The first activity that you can look forward to is simply enjoying the weather. Personally, I believe spring is the prettiest time of the year. One popular activity that will allow you to enjoy the weather, is going for a nature walk or a hike outdoors. Look around and take in the leaves on the trees growing back and the flowers starting to bloom. Additionally, spring weather is ideal walking or hiking weather. There is a slight breeze in the air that makes any nature walk or hike not miserably hot or not miserably cold. This is a perfect time to get your steps in and start your transition from winter to spring.

A second spring activity to look forward to is gardening. Gardening can be one of the most rewarding activities. That feeling is amazing when you take the time to plant flower seeds, and slowly start to see the flower boom into a beautiful arrangement. Furthermore, if you are a college student like me, and gardening is not ideal, this is also a perfect time of the year to simply plant flowers in a pot or even buy a succulent to maintain. It may be a little easier to keep that flower or plant alive, since there is typically more sunlight in spring, and there are also numerous apps that can remind you to water your plant.

Enjoying a nature walk or gardening are just two of the many spring activities you can look forward to. Others include having a picnic, riding a bike, or shopping the new assortment of spring clothes in your favorite store. Once winter is over, most people only looking forward to the summer. However, spring is one of the most unappreciated seasons despite the many activities to look forward to.

Julia Burk

Providence '23

Julia is a Junior Marketing and Psychology double major at Providence College. In her free time, Julia loves to cook, shop, and get involved in anything that is creative, such as drawing, taking pictures, or writing!
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