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HC Summer Survival Kits: Keeping us Fresh for the Summer

The Her Campus Summer Survival Kit is all about staying fresh during the summer months. With cute coozies, a nice read, and many more the kit gave us cute samples of this summer’s fresh necessities. 

First up for review, Steripods. These cute toothbrush protectors actually have a component in the center that releases active vapors that keep your toothbrush clean, I didn’t notice it before when I had seen these in stores, and I definitely didn’t know they have like a minty clean scent, this sterilizing feature helps keep your toothbrush fresh for up to 3 months which is like the average amount of how long you should be keeping your toothbrush before replacing it anyway. The Steripod is super convenient for taking your toothbrush on trips, and keeping it clean. The kit also included Essence Eyebrow Fixing Pencil, and let me tell you, this stuff is convenient! Perfect for those days when you just don’t want to wear makeup, but you want to look put together. This brow wax comes in a convenient pencil form with a brush on the cap, so you can groom your brows and look presentable easily on the go. What I especially enjoy about this wax pencil was is that it keeps my brows in place even after a sweaty night out! So you can use this as an addition to your brow routine if you have trouble keeping your hairs in place, or you can use it alone for effortlessly groomed brows.  Speaking of sweaty nights, we also got the newest Secret deodorant in the scent Cool Waterlily. The invisible solid antiperspirant deodorant is already a staple for me, and this cool new scent is worth a try. It’s a great one if you really enjoy fresh scents, it’s light and won’t linger or overpower your perfume, but is long lasting enough to keep you smelling fresh!

Finally, we got Summer’s Eve cleansing wipes from their new “Simply” collection. This collection is free of harsh chemicals, parabens, dyes, and alcohol, and comes in two great scents. While I myself prefer the coconut water scent, my roommates enjoyed the mandarin blossom. These wipes are individually wrapped, so great for on the go, whenever or wherever you might need a downstairs refresher. 


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