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Are you and your roommates still not sure what to be for Halloween? Check out these easy DIY costumes!

Starbucks Cup- This outfit is for all you basic white girls like me who “cant even!” when it comes to deciding what to wear for Halloween. All you need for this costume is a simple white dress and a printer. Simply print out the Starbucks logo and pin it to your dress! For an extra touch, you can add your favorite Starbucks order to the back of the dress.

Loofa- All you need is an old strapless dress, 25 yards of tulle fabric, a long white rope, and a box of safety pins! Simply start by cutting the tulle into long, wide strips. Next crush the tulle in your hands to get it nice and fluffy. Pin the tulle onto the dress and add the rope as a handle. For an extra touch, spray the loofa with glitter to make your costume shine!

Santa’s Reindeer- This costume is perfect for a group of 9 and easy to do! All that you need is a simple brown dress, reindeer antlers, and a red nose for Rudolph! Write your reindeer name on a piece of white paper and pin it to your dress. You’ll be the best-dressed reindeer at the party!


Remember Friars there are plenty of ways to get creative this Halloween! DIY costumes are sometimes better than store bought ones! But whatever you are for Halloween, try not to be like this guy!

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