A Grocery list for when you just don't have time

It's Midterms season which means unless you were blessed with 0 midterms you are most likely stressed. I have created a grocery list for you so you don't have too:

1. Milk- This is an essential, it can be used for cereal, easy mac, or a hot chocolate after a long day.

2. Eggs- Another essential, eggs are a great source of protein before a big exam and they can be made super quickly in the microwave.

3. Chicken- Marinate some chicken and cook it on a Sunday night. For the rest of the week you will have a healthy meal that's already made!

4. Pasta- Pasta is so easy to make with a lot of different things. You can mix in the chicken you made or go for a vegetarian meal and mix in tomato, mozzarella, and olive oil.

5. Carrots, Green Beans, and Hummus- You can use whatever types of veggies you prefer but this is a simple, healthy snack for when you are on the go. You can buy individual hummus packs which are super convenient.

6. Cereal- A crowd pleaser for morning and night. You can really go healthy or trashy here truly depends on the mood. I like to have some frosted flakes hanging around for when I need them.

7. Easy Mac- I will never grow out of loving mac and cheese. It is the easiest meal to make and if you throw together a side salad you are living.

8. Frozen meals- This can really be anything as long as it's easy (which all frozen meals are). There is a huge selection in Shaws of frozen dinners and if you are feeling fancy Trader Joes has really good frozen food as well.

9.Soups- Honestly, Progresso makes some bomb soups. On cold days this can be the best cure for cant-get-out-of-bed syndrome. 

10. Oreo's (or other sweets)- My favorite snack at the end of a long day is a thin, mint Oreo. They truly cure the soul and we all need some chocolate during midterms.

11. Ray- Although Ray can be the worst, it also can be your savior during stressful weeks. If you feel you aren't getting enough veggies go make a salad or grab some fruit from Ray. Take advantage of the fact that people are making your meals for you. 

12. Eaton Street Cafe- Many people might not know this but they have a few essential groceries in the business school if you are running low. So check in the business school before running to Shaw's.

Good luck out there friends.