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Friars Win Big East Championship and Make NCAA Tournament

While I understand that many of you may not follow PC too intensely on the basketball court, most of you probably know that the Friars won the Big East Championship and headed to the NCAA Tournament (yes, March Madness!). This is big news for the Friars, considering we hadn’t won the Big East title since 1994.

Favored to win, Creighton University was ranked higher than Providence in the Big East Conference. Providence had a physical game against its competitor, but it was the Friars who came out on top. The final score of Friars, 65, and Creighton, 58, describes what a nail-biter this game was. With this win, the Friars were guaranteed a spot in the NCAA tournament. On March 21, the Friars played their first game in the tournament against the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The game was just as intense as you would imagine, and by the end, everyone thought that the Friars were going to pull through. Unfortunately, in the last few seconds of the game, UNC was able to sink a couple of crucial foul shots and pull ahead of Providence for the win.

Although Providence may not have advanced to the next round, everyone in Friartown is extremely proud of the Big East Champs. Go Friars!

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