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Kabob and Curry 

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If you love Indian Food, then Kabob and Curry is a must. On the other hand, if you’ve never had Indian Food, Kabob and Curry is the perfect place for newbies to learn to love this amazing cuisine. From garlic naan to chicken tikka masala, you will have plenty to choose from that will make your taste buds happy. 



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Andréas a more formal option, is one of the best Greek restaurants on Thayer street. The restaurant is filled with the sound of authentic Greek music and the smells of incredibly tasty food. Andrèas has many healthy options as well as choices for vegetarians. Their menu is extremely authentic, featuring appetizers such as Saganaki,Spanakopita, and Greek Fries (all delicious and highly recommended). Andrèas is a perfect place to go when family is in town or if you just want to chow down on a gyro plate. 


East Side Pocket

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @orderup_pvd

East Side Pocket is definitely a late night favorite. After going out, there’s nothing like freshly baked pita chips, hummus and a ginormous gyro. The setting is very casual but is a great spot to bring friends for a delicious, easy and cheap meal. Did I mention that the gyros are HUGE. Also, still trying to figure out how to say gyro but the guys in there will help you out. 


Flatbread Company 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @love.atfirstbite 

Flatbread is an all organic pizzeria, that’s perfect to bring a large group of friends to. There is both indoor and outdoor seating, great for the summer time and even the winter. Their house salad, is fresh and delicious with an all natural and homemade vinaigrette. They also offer gluten free options, for those with gluten allergies! We high recommend the Jay’s Heart pizza, and the Cheese and Herb with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. 



Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @umelt 

Who doesn’t love freshly melted cheese on toasted bread, or to put it more simply a grilled cheese?! Umelt is a grilled cheese store…I mean it doesn’t get much better than that. AND they have DESSERT GRILLED CHEESE!!! Yes, that sounds gross but there is no cheese on it, just Nutella, marshmallow and graham cracker goodness. Go in and get creative with your grilled cheese!! 




Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @pvd_noms

A perfect fusion of Tex-Mex that is arguable better than Chipotle, but you’ll have to go to see for yourself. Baja’s has both traditional BBQ and Mexican food to choose from. The chips and guac are a definite must.




Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @cmoraes1983

Shanghai on the corner of thayer, has a great view of the street from above. The service is great, and the food never takes too long (in case you’re in desperate need of some food to chow down on). Their sesame chicken is like no other, especially when paired with a classic egg roll and fried rice. The environment is very calm and is only made better by the delicious dishes. 


Den Den Fried Chicken

 Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @dendenhospitality

Two words. Fried Chicken. Sorry to all vegetarians reading this, but Den Den’s Fried Chicken is not to be missed. 


Ben & Jerry’s / Froyo World 

Photo Courtesy of Instagram: @twohungrytoasts

In case you’re still hungry after dinner, grab some ice cream or froyo at these popular dessert spots. Two classics where you just can’t go wrong! Highly recommend Americone Dream and The Tonight Dough at Ben & Jerry’s and the cake batter soft-serve at Froyo World. 


Addison Thomas is a Marketing Major at Providence College. She is a member of the Class of 2021. Addison is interested in broadcast journalism and volunteering in her free time. She enjoys traveling, watching The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, drinking coffee and taking pictures.
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