Fall Bonding Review

If you play a sport here at Providence, I'm sure there's a certain satisfaction that comes from the time, hard work, and passion you put into playing. There's always a sense of pride that comes with commitment to your team. 

At Her Campus PC, we have the pride without all the sweat. Instead, all we have to do is write about things too irrelevant for BuzzFeed but too relevant for a piece in The Cowl(uh, sorry). We also have a meeting once a week where we chill and discuss these semi-relevant events. Occasionally, we ~bond~ as well.  

Wednesday night, we jammed out to Jesse McCartney and other notable artists from the early 2000s in Cunningham. Using mason jars, random festive accessories, paint, glitter, and limited creativity, we made the cutest little candle holders (for fake candles, right? I LOVE a good fire code). However, the night wasn't really about the craft- it was about getting to know each other and take a little break from studying for midterms or doing other homework. It didn't hurt that we got tons of freebies from our "Seasonal Survival Kits" either. We discussed less-than-likeable professors over less-than-healthy snacks. What, did you think we were all eating salads? The whole point of this club is to join something without doing exercise. Overall, it was a chill girls' night in. Hopefully next time we have a bonding event we'll get to try the face masks that came in the Fall Survival Guide(*wink wink*). 

If you ever want to get more involved here at PC with minimal effort but still have just as much (if not more) fun than any other club, join Her Campus!