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Day Party Outfit Ideas

Spring is right around the corner but that’s not the only season that’s approaching… You guessed it, it’s day party season! Whether you spend these endless weekends on the quad playing frisbee or at a “darty” on Eaton, you’re gonna want to look good and be comfortable so here are some ideas for how to create that ultimate darty season look:

  1. Jeans

The New England weather is not the most consistent so it’s a great idea to be prepared. Jeans are a perfect match to any top whether they are colored, boyfriend style, ripped, or even a pair of overalls! And the best part is that they will keep your legs from freezing when that wind picks up.

  1. Fun and Colorful Bralettes

The perfect way to add a pop of color to your outfit and they’d look great with a pair of Lilly Pulitzer shorts.

  1. Converse or Vans

One of the most important parts of your “darty” attire is a simple pair of sneakers that you don’t mind getting dirty. Leave the flip flops at home cause honestly who wants their toes stepped on?

  1. Lightweight jacket

No matter how much girls universally hate having to carry a jacket, we know we always need one. Try cute lightweight bomber jacket or a distressed denim jacket to finish off your outfit.

  1. Sunglasses

Hopefully the rest of “darty” season is warm and sunny, so bringing along a pair of sunglasses with you is a great idea. Whether you’re rocking some ray bans or a fun pair of dollar store sunglasses, they are another great way to pull your “darty” look together.

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