A Day in the Life of A PC Student: As Told By Gilmore Girls

You're so not a morning person, but the 8:30 am Theology of St.Thomas Aquinas was the only 200 level Theology class that still had open seats during registration. So here you are, trying to make it work. Lorelei so gets how you're feeling at this moment. 

Wait, hold the phone! Luckily, before you took your first sip of caffeine bliss you checked your email and your professor has to cancel class today! You put that coffee in a tumbler, add some ice, and put it in the fridge for later. Right now, it is back to bed :)

Unfortunately, not all of your professors have cancelled class today... You can't win them all. However, for whatever reason all of the English department seems to lack the knowledge of how to get to their classes on time. So after you made the effort of getting to class on time, here is you waiting for your professor who is inevitably 14 minutes late... One more minute and you would have been free as a bird *sigh*

Seminar classes... Unfortunately these classes require active participation from EVERY student. We all can relate to Michel when that guy who never does the reading tries to tell you that you're wrong. Nonetheless, you got your two required comments in so now you sit back and watch.

It's only about 1pm and you already know that you have a long night ahead of you because of the never ending list of assignments that you always have due. So this is you right about now standing in the Dunkin' line that is backed up to the bookstore.

When you look into your empty refrigerator, and then your equally empty bank account and realize that you have no other option but to eat at Ray. Life is not looking so great at this moment...

Exams are hard, and passing them without going insane is nothing short of a miracle. So when the really studious girl in your lecture suggests that you make a Google doc together for the study guide to your big exam, you are very grateful.



College definitely has its distractions, and procrastination is really easy when Netflix and Candy Crush exist. So when its 10:30 at night and your roommate asks you how you are going to finish your paper that's due tomorrow at 8:30 am you follow up with something like this...

Finally your week is done. IT'S FRIDAY you and your girls finally get to let loose after the WEEK you've had!