Cringe Worthy Things Everyone Did in Middle School

Middle school was an interesting time. Looking back at it now, most of my thoughts range from what? to why? Here is a great list to bring back the nostalgia.

1. Editing pictures on Picnik

If you think you have enough words and picture effects on a picture then add more! The more obnoxious the better!

2. Duck lips and peace signs

This was the classic pose of the 2000s. Smiles did not exist and were not acceptable. Also add in a peace sign to make sure everyone knows that you are ~zen~

3. Like for a tbh/rate

The only way to make sure that someone is a true friend is how they rated you! A perfect example: tbh: you seem really cool we should talk more!!!! 

4. Webkinz

Honestly did not realize how expensive these things were until I got into high school. While they were the key to fun and happiness on the internet, I can't believe how much money I begged my parents to drop on these. Too bad cash cow didn't actually give out real money. 

5. Wonderful and expressive slang words

#Yolo, my favorite peeps! These words and more were worked into every conversation possible. 

6. AIM messages

AIM was the way to keep in touch with all of your friends. If you ever go back and read them, be prepared to be embarrassed. 

7. Side Bangs

These were the style even though they directly covered your eyes and were extremely painful. Also always the worst length. 

8. Watching shows banned by your parents

Degrassi and The Jersey Shore are just two examples of those shows that you would turn on when your parents were in another room. 

9. Sillybands up to your elbows

If you didn't have these bad boys up to your elbows, then you were not cool. Too bad a bunch of kids had to shoot them at each other and ruin it for everyone.