Cap and Gown Day: A Senior Review

Cap and Gown Day was arguably the saddest event for many seniors this week. While it’s exciting to think that our school days are finally over, cap and gown day was a reminder of how close the end really is.

Receiving our tickets for graduation, preparing dinner reservations, and looking for commencement outfits in themselves are not dreaded responsibilities, but because each day we are one step closer to the end of what many have told us would be the best four years of our lives, we dread it all.

You would think that receiving your cap and gown would be a relief, the late nights working on papers, the finals week stress, the 8:30 classes, the group projects, and dealing with crazy professors, it’s all finally over. But then you come to realize that where u saw yourself every September, returning to school, now sits a big question mark. You realize that you’re headed to the real world now and while college was stressful, the real world has similar stresses. You don’t graduate from the real world and there’s no summer or winter break to take a rest from it all. You’re headed to the life you’ve spent your entire educational career working towards. Excited and terrified, we continue on this journey to the end together.

Thank you Providence College for the ride of a lifetime.