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Bachelor in Paradise or Bachelor in Hell?

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For those that have not heard, Bachelor in Paradise is currently in full swing in its seventh season. Despite the fact that each season of Bachelor in Paradise always includes much drama within it, this one has been like no other. For those that have not heard of the show, it is basically where former Bachelor contestants who are currently single are chosen to be sent to a resort in Mexico where they have the chance to find relationships and love with one another. Each week there’s a rose ceremony in which each individual has to be chosen by another, until whoever is left single is sent home.  Two contestants on the show, Piper James and Brendan Morais, Brendan being on Tayisha’s season of the Bachelorette, and Piper who was on Matt James’s season of the Bachelor, came under fire this past week for having a relationship prior to the show. According to US Weekly, “the ABC stars subsequently connected during the spring of 2021. That June, U.S. Weekly confirmed their relationship wasn’t strictly platonic.” However, later that month, both Brendan and Piper left to go film for Bachelor in Paradise, with Brendan arriving before her. After first arriving on Bachelor in Paradise, Brendan gravitated towards another contestant named Natasha Parker, in which once asked about his relationship with Piper, according to US Weekly, he “insisted that his relationship with Piper is “super casual,” and that he believed that he had the strongest connection [with Natasha]. However, this past week Natasha arrived, and to say the least, Natasha and Brendan’s relationship became completely messed up. According to US Weekly, when discussing his relationship with Natasha, Brendan told producers off-camera, “she had zero prospects otherwise. It’s not like I was keeping her from anyone. I don’t know if she would have a single, actual, viable prospect otherwise.” It was also revealed that both Brendan and Piper used what happened with Natasha to gain attention and fame on Instagram. Both Brendan and Piper have received much backlash from bachelor nation. 

This backlash has led to the exact opposite of what Brendan and Piper were both hoping to receive. According to US Weekly, “Brendan has lost more than 100,000 followers-and Natasha who had roughly 84,000 before the drama, has officially surpassed him with more than 316,000 followers. Piper has also lost thousands of followers.” However, Natasha’s followers have only increased, in which, she “had roughly 84,000 before the drama, and now has officially surpassed [Brendan] with more than 316,000 followers.” This shows that Bachelor nation is completely siding with Natasha in all of this. Following the release of the episode and seeing the negative reaction of Bachelor nation, Brendan came out with a public apology to Natasha, in which, according to Page Six,  he said, “I apologize to you Natasha, I hurt you. I am deeply sorry for doing so.” He came out with this apology on September 9th, and many fans are not believing his apology and believe that the way he treated and used Natasha to stay on the show to wait for Piper to arrive, was completely unacceptable and terrible. The drama in paradise has just begun, but stay tuned for this coming Tuesday to witness the aftermath of this past week’s episode.

Nicole Idelson

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Nicole Idelson is a Social Work major at Providence College. On campus, she is also a part of The Mental Health Awareness Board and Best Buddies. She has been involved in HerCampus since her freshman year at Providence College, and absolutely loves the club. Nicole also enjoys traveling, hanging out with friends, and eating avocado toast.
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