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Ashton Penney ’17


She’s not just any regular PC student, she’s Miss Rhode Island Colligate America 2014! Ashton is this week’s Campus Celeb, check out our interview with her!


Name: Ashton Penney

Hometown: Providence, Rhode Island

Year: 2017

Major: Social Work


Why did you become interested in pageants?

I became interested in pageants my senior year of high school when I was approached in a restaurant to do one!

How many pageants have you been in?

I have competed in two pageants and will be heading to the Miss Collegiate America 2014 national pageant to represent the state of Rhode Island this coming July in Orlando, Florida.

When was the first time you felt like a celebrity?

When my roommate asked for my autograph ;)

What’s your favorite clothing brand?

I  love J. Crew but wear a lot of lululemon! Probably because I walk around in workout clothes to try and motive myself to eventually go. It works 2/10 times.    

What was your favorite photo shoot?

I did a really fun photo shoot in the snow this past winter! It was freezing and nothing went as planned…those are the most fun!

Do you have any other hidden talents?

I love to paint and have won multiple national awards for my artwork! I can also do a mean imitation of a baby cry.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I am absolutely obsessed with Friday Night Lights and watch an episode whenever I can! Tim Riggins has my heart in a major way. I also love hanging out with my family. That’s probably my favorite thing to do.  Photo shoots are always a lot of fun! It doesn’t feel like work!

What’s your favorite thing about PC?

Well both my parents went here, so I have always felt a special connection to Providence College.  My favorite part about PC is hands down my roommate (and Dunkin Donuts of course)!

Can you tell us about your pageantry career:

Believe it or not, pageantry was somthing never what I wanted to do. I was really interested in modeling and became more serious about doing so as a career during my high school years. I was out to dinner with my family one night and was approached by a woman in the restaurant. She asked if I had ever thought about doing pageantry and said that I should look into it. Now, if anyone knows me, I am the furthest thing from a “pageant girl.” I am known for tripping up stairs, spilling or dropping every drink that is ever in my hands, and wearing workout clothes wherever I go. After looking into what pageantry was all about, I learned all that went into preparing for such an event. What I liked about it was the amount of community service that was involved. I have been involved in community service since my freshman year of high school, so it has always been something extremely important to me. I decided to train for my first pageant my senior year of high school where I came in Second Runner Up in the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA pageant and then trained again and came in First Runner Up in the Miss Rhode Island Teen USA pageant this past September. I signed with a modeling agency the next day and have been modeling ever since. On February 26th, I was crowned Miss Rhode Island Collegiate America 2014 and will be competing at nationals for the title of Miss Collegiate America 2014 this July in Orlando, Florida. I have also continued with my modeling career! Thanks guys! XOXO 

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