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All Things PC Seniors Will Miss After Graduation

With graduation only a few days away i began to think about all the things I will miss after I graduate from PC.  I then started to realize all of my friends will miss the same things.  So here are a few things every senior at PC will miss once we graduate!

Walking up Guzman Hill

Having Dunkin Donuts only a few steps away

Seeing Coach Cooley around on campus and cheering him on during the games!

Seeing Dot and Fran at Raymond Dining hall

Whiskey Thursdays with your friends

Going to LaSalle Bakery, The Abbey, Anthony’s Deli, Machu Piccu and Papa Paulies

Going to any sports games on campus… and seeing Friar Dom

Having a meal plan and take 3


Yuck Truck on the weekends

Being surrounded by all your rommates/bestfriends 24/7

Although we may be leaving PC, we will always have the wonderful memories with our roomates, professors and best friends! On the bright side we can always come back during alumni weekend!!

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