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Alexa Whyte ’17

Whether you are at Late-Night Madness or a Providence College Basketball game, it is definitely hard to miss the very talented Providence College Dance Team. PC’s Her Campus is lucky to call Alexa Whyte, a sophomore on the Providence College Dance Team, our very own. In every performance, the dancers make the dances look so delicate and natural, while having high spirits and bright smiles that brings excitement to all fans.

Name: Alexa WhyteHometown: Huntington, NYAge: 19Year: 2017Major: Undecided

What made you decide to try out for Dance Team?

I began dancing at the age of two and it became a passion of  mine ever since. I danced throughout High School and performed on my High School Kickline Team. After many visits to Providence, watching my older sister perform at the basketball games and competitions, I knew that it was something she would definitely be interested in. Once I arrived at Providence, I knew I wanted to continue her love of dance, and desired the camaraderie of a team, so I decided to try out for the PC Dance Team. 

How much of a time commitment is Dance Team and how are you able to balance that in your schedule?

The Dance Team practices three times a week, has lifts twice a week, and are required to have an hour of cardio at the gym once a week. The Dance Team performs at Men’s and Women’s Basketball Games, they compete at local competitions and dance at many other school events. To balance this large commitment I have dedicated to the dance team, I keep myself on a very organized schedule and plan far in advance for assignments, tests and academic and social obligations.

What is your favorite part about being on Dance Team?

As a student athlete, I feel blessed for all the opportunities Dance Team has given me at Providence. My favorite part about being on Dance Team is the team dynamic we have performing and socializing together. I have developed long-lasting and unique friendships that I would of never had if it weren’t for Dance Team.

With the Basketball Season beginning, is there any event you are looking forward to?

I am looking forward to the upcoming trip the Dance Team is taking with the Men’s Basketball Team to Connecticut. The team is playing in a tournament at Mohegan Sun.

Next time you’re at a basketball game or another school event keep you’re eye out for the Dance Team. You will definitely catch a fun and enjoyable performance that won’t disappoint!

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