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6 Types of Fans During March Madness

1. The ranking focused fans

This type of fan is seemingly the most common. While filling out their brackets, the only thing that matters is the little number next to the school name. The biggest problem they face is which team to pick winning when they put all No. 1 seeds in the final four. Not to be harsh, but these types of people are the ones to eat the same sandwich for lunch everyday. Time to change it up and take some risks.

2. The “but their mascot is so cute” fans

These fans either don’t know anything about basketball, or they just don’t care enough to think about potential outcomes. It is pretty much like placing a toddler in front of the TV screen and picking whoever they clap for. Big Al from Alabama is just super cute, so why shouldn’t they go all the way. These fans never pick Providence to win anything because they have nightmares about the Friar mascot. (Go Friars!)


3. The “I went there” fans 

These loyal fans will blow any amount of money to put their school team in that final box in the middle. No matter how bad their season or ranking was, these fans live by the motto: “it could happen.” If it does end up that their very own school wins it all, these people will probably sell all their belongings they will be so excited. For myself, I know that if Providence ends up winning it all, I will most likely go into cardiac arrest. 

4. The underdog fans

These are the people who will brag about every single unexpected win. “Yeah, I put that.” Too bad when they get to the finals, none of their final four picks actually made it. I will admit, it does make for a great first round though (sometimes). 

5. The fashion forward fans

Hmm… “I love the color of UNC’s uniforms, so I hope they win it all!” These fans have very little stats on their minds and judge a team by their looks. I’ll just say this outright, this method may actually work. Often, the best teams have the most money and therefor the nicest uniforms. I see you fashion forward fans, I see you.  

6. The copy cats

These fans leach off of other people’s brackets. If Obama says that Michigan State will win, then I should probably agree with the past president. After all, he was correct in picking last years champion. This is probably the most annoying way to pick your bracket. Where is the originality at?

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