5 Ways to Make Extra Cash This Summer

If you're anything like me, you know that the end of the school year can be pretty rough. Not only are you most likely neglecting the gym and dealing with stress via the junk food cabinet, but your heart also drops when you open up the bank app on your phone and see the account balance in the single digits. On a positive note, summer is just beyond that last final, and with summer comes ample amount of opportunities to make good money. If you haven't yet secured a job, read below for ways to ensure that your bank account will be replenished come next semester.


  1. Waitressing

Waitressing is honestly the ideal summer job. Sure, the base salary isn't great, but the opportunity to earn cash in tips is amazing. Go to your local favorite spots and ask if they're hiring. If you live near a beach, be sure to check our restaurants by the water. The waitresses I know down at the Jersey Shore make some of the best money I've heard of for college students.

Bonus: You also learn valuable communication and conflict management skills, which will pay off in both your everyday life and the workplace!

  1. Paid Internships

Full-time summer internships not only keep you busy, but chances are if you're a rising senior, your friends will have them too. While it kind of stinks that you and your friends are occupied during the weekdays, you have your entire weekends off to do whatever you would like. In addition, you get to gain experience in whatever field you are majoring in!


  1. Babysitting

Yes, it may have been your first job as a 13 year old, but babysitters today make great money. Contact any friends you know with younger family members that may be seeking a babysitter for the summer or make flyers to put in your neighbors' mailboxes. Care.com is also a great website that connects you with those parents seeking babysitters with certain qualifications in your area.


  1. Sell your lightly used clothing

That shirt in your closet that hasn't seen daylight in about three years may find love when placed on a selling app. My personal favorite selling app is Mercari, where you can sell anything from clothes to shoes to accessories. While you obviously have to sell everything at a discounted rate, you can earn a decent amount of money if you sell tons of things at bargain prices. This ensures that they will sell! You can also sell your lightly used clothing to physical stores such as Plato's Closet.


  1. Dog Walk

Who doesn't love hanging out with dogs in their free time?! Imagine getting paid to do so. Tons of families have dogs and since kids are out for the summer, many parents have trouble balancing taking care of both their children and the dogs. Ask around and see if anyone would like extra help walking the dogs around your neighborhood!