The 5 Types of People Who Go Home for Thanksgiving

The People Who Peaked in High School

Every town and every city has a handful of people who peaked in high school. They’re likely to go to the Thanksgiving football game in body paint with signs. You can also tell if you peaked in high school if you relate to Troy Bolton from High School Musical on a spiritual level. 


The Homesick Homebodies

These people are a little harder to pick out because you will never see them while you're home. Unless, you happen to run into them with their mom at the grocery store. They have had a countdown to Thanksgiving Break since the second week of school and have had their bags packed for a week. You can only really tell who a homesick homebody is if they're your roommate at school and all they've talked about is all the things they're going to do with their mom for three weeks straight. 

The People Who Go Home Nearly Every Weekend

These people are not even excited about going home for Thanksgiving because its just like any other weekend just with more food. Their energy level is at a four when it should be at a minimum of seven. They might go hangout with their friends from high school but that isn't a given. They're probably going to just chill and watch Netflix the whole time.


Hometown Hater

These people are the worst because they're extremely negative. They're the ones who think any break from school is so lame because they hate going home. They think we would all be better off if families came to take them out for food at school and then called it a day. While your hometown may not be your favorite place in the world, you can still appreciate spending time with your family and being thankful for what you have. Moral of the story: If you're a hometown hater, check. yo. self.

The High School Sweethearts

You are not even ready for what is about to hit your social media feed when your high school sweethearts are reunited this week. Their Snapchat and Instagram stories are going to be of each other at the table for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all break long. Other posts will include holding hands and pictures of the two of them at each other's family feasts. Just prepare yourself... Or block them, it is up to you!