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5 Things To Do During Parents Weekend

It’s the best time of the year: Halloween weekend. Traditionally, Providence College schedules parents weekend during Halloween weekend. Personally, I assume this is a way to try to get freshmen to not be able to enjoy Halloween weekend because their parents are going to force their child to show them around Providence. Parents weekend does not have to ruin your Halloween weekend though. Here’s 5 things to do in Providence with your parents that won’t ruin your weekend!


Jack-O-Lantern Spectacular

Although this is technically in Cranston and not Providence, you can’t miss this event. Every year, Roger Williams Park is filled with jack-o-lanterns from a various of sizes. These aren’t just your average jack-o-lanterns though. The last year I went, there was a jack-o-lantern of Beyoncé. The event starts at 7 pm so you can get back to campus by 8:30 – perfect timing.


Friars vs Boston College

Now I know this event is on the campus’s list of events, but this one is actually fun. Since you’re not leaving campus, you do not have to stress about what time you’ll be back. Plus, there’s nothing better than watching a PC vs BC game – the crowd gets pretty into it. If you go to one school sponsored event, I highly suggest attending this one.


La Salle Coffee

Make your parents feel like you’re showing them your actual college life. There’s no better way to do that than heading on over to La Salle. Your parents will love their breakfast sandwiches and coffee. Who knows, maybe they’ll even surprise you with a gift card for Christmas.


Federal Hill

Federal Hill is an essential part of the Providence culture. Wow your parents by telling them the Italian mob history of Federal Hill – they’ll be impressed at how much you know about this little city. While you’re there, have your parents take you to Siena. You may not be able to get a home cooked meal but you can surely avoid the horrors of Ray.


Thayer Street

There’s nothing like walking around Thayer Street. Although it is a part of Brown’s campus, Thayer Street is essential to a PC student’s experience. Grab a slice of pizza and walk around the East Side for a lovely afternoon with your family.

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