2018 Black and White Ball Review

The 2nd annual Black and White ball was a night to remember, if you can. It consisted of a lot of intoxicated college students, a pretty good band, and some hot pretzels (which were honestly the highlight). It's always fun to see people dressed up and everyone was looking (okay emoji). Also respect to all the girls who wore colors other than black you guys are the real MVP's. The decorations were cool although there didn't seem to be a constant theme; there were trees with fake snow, the providence skyline, and lights from the ceiling. The band was better than last years band, they were killing it with some throwback jams, and if you stayed until 11:30 you saw the lead singer slay to some Beyoncé. The food was really good, especially if you weren't sober and needed a late night snack. There were quite a few transports, and the bathroom situation was not ideal as they started pointing people outside for a little squat action. A lot of people started leaving around 10:30 which was a bummer because most people had only gotten to the dance an hour and a half earlier. Overall it was a fun time, I got to bust some moves, and there were some pretty good insta's the next day. Go Friars.

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