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12 Ways We Are All Really Janice from “Friends”

By now you’re about to finish up all ten seasons of ‘Friends’ since it’s release on Netflix New Years day (nice work ladies, record time) , you’ve laughed, you’ve cried, and you fell in love with the six best people to have ever hit the small screen. But there is one very important character who has received a bad rep.

Janice Litman,  Chandler’s on again, off again flame/pain in everyone’s ass. The laugh, the hair, the whole thing. She gets a bad rep, but let me tell you, Janice is not that bad, she is you, you are Janice, and here is why:

1. You know how to enter a room

2. You have sixth sense for true love

3. You’re brutally honest


4. You know how to keep your man satisfied

5. You ask the tough questions


6. You look fantastic in purple


7. You have a keen sense of direction

8. You know how to have a good time

9. You know there is never a bad time for animal print 

10.  People fear how much they love you


11. You rock chocker’s and you love wine


 12. You have a way with words 

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