10 Signs its Time to Go Home For Winter Break

It's December and the rest of the world is preparing for Christmas, you are preparing for finals. Your stress level is through the roof and your Friar Bucks balance is at zero. Here are ten signs it is time to pack up your dorm and go home for winter break: 

1.     You cannot eat another cheese quesadilla or serving of ray pasta. You also cannot even pretend to be healthy and eat lettuce because you don’t want to die from the E.Coli virus. 

2.     You have negative Friar Bucks.

3.     You love your roommates. But they are getting on your nerves, and you just want your own room, your own bed and to do WHATEVER you want WHEN you want. You want to stop having to worry about being courteous when you're in your own room.

4.     You also love your friends. But it has been a whole semester, and the little things are getting on your nerves, and you just need a LITTLE break.

5.     I made it to my 8:30 this morning, and I am proud of myself for the whole week. 

6.     *Getting to class 5 minutes late* Oh wow I am on time!

7.     No matter where you go, what time of day, its impossible to get one of your favorite study spots because its crunch time. You didn’t even want to study in the first place, but not getting your favorite spot is an added annoyance.

8.     When your inbox is full of emails with final prompts.

9.     When you don’t even take notes in class anymore

10.  Group Projects. Presentations. That’s all. 

11.  You’ve got 5 papers, 20 exams, 37 projects, but Hallmark movie? 

12.  You didn’t even do the last few homework assignments because you. dont. care.

13.  You’ve got 12 end of the semester meetings, 15 friends' end of the semester shows to go see, still gotta make it to the basketball games, but you really just need a nap. 

14.  What’s makeup? Haven’t seen that during the week since September 

15.  You don’t even bother to coordinate meals with people because you are tired of the campus food, the same people, and walking in the cold.

16.  You don’t leave the building you are currently in just because its ALWAYS RAINING and FREEZING. 

17.  You are so tired of walking everywhere. You actually just wanna drive AWAY. 

18.  You aren’t even phased when it rains anymore because you are just so used to walking in the rain without the proper gear because it has rained every Tuesday, and at least 3 other times every week. 

19.  Jeans? What are those? 

20.  Dressing nice for class = thinking about what sweatshirt goes nicely with leggings and moccasins, instead of rolling out of bed. 

21.  You wash the same 5 things every week now and just wear them over again.

22.  You. Just. Need. Sleep.

23.  You are lucky if there is $5 in your bank account and are one of the few people left with friar bucks.

24.  You either lost a ton of weight because you forgot to eat, gained a ton of weight because all you did was eat. 

25.  You make daily jokes with your friends about how you want to jump off the top of McVinney. And you JUST. CAN'T. DO. IT. ANYMORE.