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10 Reasons Why Jeff from ‘13 Reasons Why’ Deserved Better

If you haven’t already watched the Netflix original ‘13 Reasons Why,’ stop whatever you’re currently doing and go watch! As for those of us who have binge watched the series, (guilty) there is an overall agreement that the beautiful angel that is Jeff Atkins deserved better, here’s a quick list of 10 reasons why. (Spoilers ahead!)

Jeff is pretty much the only athlete student on the show that isn’t a total scum bag.

Jeff genuinely considers Clay a good friend of his.

Jeff wanted to help Clay with his love life in return for helping him do better in school.

Jeff was an adorable human being, I mean, just look at this guy!

Jeff wasn’t driving under the influence.

The dance between Hannah and Clay would never have happened if it wasn’t for Jeff.

He helped Clay fill out the dollar valentine.

His death impacted Clay more than the people around him realized.

It wasn’t his fault.

He was the everyman. Jeff was all of us routing for Clay and Hannah, he was Clay’s motivator, love coach and friend.

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