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Yoonha Jeong

Yoonha Jeong



Korea/McAllen, TX (it’s complicated) 


Favorite color

How does it feel to be nominated? 
It’s a great honor that I don’t know if I deserve, but thank you!!! ;D 

What activities/extracurriculars are you in?
I dance hip hop in Triple 8, am on the exec board of KASA, and am a daughter/sis/mom in TASA. I also love singing for fun and eating dessert. omnomnom

Are you single or taken?
Have been single for a while now >:O

If you could bring 3 things with you to a desert island, what would they be? 
Music, Dark chocolate, and my future boyfriend♥

Tola Emiola is a Princeton undergraduate in the class of 2014. She is an English major, pursuing a certificate in African Studies. She is a member of Princeton's Disiac Dance company, Umqombothi, and Princeton African Students Association. The proud Houstonian likes to dance, sing, read, write, travel, and knit. She's so happy to be part of Her Campus and looks forward to working with her partner in crime, Ajibike, to expand the Princeton branch.
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