Updates in the Life of Patricia

It has been a while since I’ve talked about my life so I thought I would update you guys on what has happened.

This past week, I was struck with a sudden and very nasty viral infection. I woke up Monday with a headache and a sore throat. A couple liters of water later, I was very much (falsely) hoping that the sore throat would just go away if I drank enough fluids. Come Tuesday, I had a 100+ fever and a throat that was so swollen that I could not swallow, much less drink or eat or talk. I was utterly and completely miserable. 

However, I took good care of myself with medicine and lots of (painfully swallowed) fluids, as well as visits by some good friends and a lot of time spent in bed cuddled up in my blankets and hoodies. By Thursday, I was so tired of being sick that I just decided to go to the gym. Good idea? I have no idea. However, I was super weak and was easily angered by my own lack of weakness. 

Remember: if you get injured or sick, you will not be as strong as you were before. However, train SMART and consistently and you’ll be back on track before you know it. And most importantly: don’t get frustrated. You are ONLY human and your body can only take so much. Be patient and the improvements will come to you. 

I am feeling much better now thanks to my best friend ibuprofen and am looking forward to getting back in the grind. Rock climbing tomorrow :)