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Staff Favorites: The Wilhemina Edition

The Classic Red Pumps
, designed by Christian Louboutin
Every girl must have a pair of…red pumps! It says sexy, yet chic all at once. Every time I step out in my red pumps; I anticipate the one ignorant soul who will tell me to click my heels together and say: “I want to go home!” Nevertheless, I also anticipate the barrage complements from the opposite sex. Girls will always complement your shoe choice; whether its Crocs or Uggs, but there is something about red pumps that just get guys to give you that second look! That being said I must give this following disclaimer: red pumps are a powerful asset to any wardrobe, and as such must be worn responsibly!!

The Elegant Maxi Dress, from Victoria’s Secret
The Her Campus Dictionary has recently redefined the meaning of the Maxi dress: Maxi dress = effortlessly stunning! (Don’t worry Webster’s is not too far behind.) As college students we all have experienced those late nights: cramming for exams, making finishing touches on papers, or just plain ‘ole procrastinating. Nevertheless, I personally refuse to spend the next day constantly looking like I just rolled out of bed—especially if it’s past noon. The cure: the Maxi dress; Effortless. Gorgeous. Priceless.

The Stand-Out Gold Eyeshadow, by Maybelline

Its golden, its delicious; that’s right ladies, its gold eye shadow! This is a make-up bag must. Not only is it right off the runway and completely IN this season, I hear tinker bell has traded in her pixie dust for a palette of gold eye shadow. It is thateffective. It works with almost any skin tone, and can effectively bring out the color of your eyes. It is a must-have for any evening soiree.

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