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Staff Favorites: The Lillian Edition

These are a few of my favorite things…
The Her Campus Princeton staff is full of fun and fashionable young ladies who, in their twenty-or-so years of life, have accumulated closets, drawers, make-up bags, bookshelves and a mind full of STUFF. After rifling through all of the things she owns, featured writer Lillian Li would love to share some of her favorite things.

On top of my dresser:
Betsey Johnson Earrings, on betseyjohnson.com

Classier than Claire’s, but nothing like your grandma’s pearl studs, Betsey Johnson has a wide range of earrings all with their own unique flair. You’ve got your mismatched earrings, your saucy studs and your death-defying hoops . I own the frog studs, as well as a different pair of mismatched earrings and hoops. I also own three other pairs of BJ’s earrings and I wear them all the time to add a kick to my outfit. Just listening to them jangle in my ears as I walk down the street adds a skip to my step!

In my bookshelf:

Country Driving, by Pete Hessler
Okay, yes, I was assigned to read this book for a class, but if someone had handed Country Driving to me just out of the blue, I would have loved it just as much. Written by a Princeton graduate (Class of ’92), Country Driving is the third book in Hessler’s trilogy on his experiences in China (the other two books are River Town and Oracle Bones). The book chronicles a road trip along the Great Wall of China, life in a village where Hessler was renting a house, and the ongoings of a new factory that manufactures underwire (as in, for bras). I was laughing out loud all throughout Hessler’s engaging narrative, and his experience as a foreigner working with a different culture is both strange and relatable.   

In my closet:

Floral Culottes, on asos.com
Culottes are a like skorts, except the shorts part of the equation isn’t hidden. Essentially they’re shorts with lots of legroom. I got this pair online a few weeks ago and I’m biting my nails waiting for the weather to be nice enough to wear them. Super comfortable, but with all the anti-flashing security of shorts, culottes are cute enough to wear in public, even though they feel like pajamas. If you have a bootylicious ‘donk, though, I would suggest buying a few sizes up, just so your butt isn’t hanging out when you walk. Unless you’re into that.


In my I-pod:

Motiontraxx, on Itunes store
This FREE podcast mixes the craziest beats to help you stay focused and fast when you’re working out. I use Motiontraxx all the time when I’m running on the treadmill. In the past, I listened to whatever dance songs were in the Top 40, but as high-energy as Sean Kingston and Jay Sean’s music is, their beats were never fast enough to keep me motivated. Deekron the Fitness DJ has mixed up so many tracks for you to choose from, all with varying speeds, that you’re practically guaranteed to get in that “no one better stop me” zone. 

In my make-up bag:

Infallible Never Fail Eyeliner (in brown), by L’Oreal
I’ve been using this eyeliner pencil all year and I don’t plan on switching. The pencil comes with a built-in sharpener and smudger, which are very handy. But the best part, at least for me, is that the eyeliner is not a hard pencil, but a smooth, crème formula that goes on incredibly smooth and easy. I also rarely have to re-apply when I use this pencil. You can pick this handy-dandy eyeliner up at your local CVS (I go to the one on Nassau Street whenever I need to restock) for less than seven bucks.

In my shoe collection:

Chant, by Seychelles
Now, I know I already wrote about these platform sandals in last week’s article, but I’m so in love with Seychelles’ Chant, in Vachetta, that I can’t stop raving about them. They are a bit of a splurge (although I got them on a discount website at 30% off market price), but they give you incredible height (4.25 inches!) with NONE of the pain due to the chunky wooden heel. So if you’re a girl who wants to add a few inches, but cherishes her feet, these are the sandals for you. Did I mention there’s no pain?

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