Sound of Mind, Body, and Style

In the spirit of Mental Health Awareness Week (October 2nd-October 8th), we at Her Campus Princeton have launched our first photo shoot--Sound of Mind, Body, and Style. Princeton is infamous for the stressful lifestyles; and so, our photo shoot is meant to raise awareness of mental, physical, and emotional health affectors--both positive and negative. The shots below depict situations that stress or relax the average collegiette™! Enjoy and comment below!

Candy is Dandy But Liquor is Quicker: Farrah Bui (left) and Morgan Jerkins (right) enjoy a glass of wine together. On Farrah: Dress from Rosana, Earrings from Colour Me, and Model’s Own Shoes. On Morgan: Dress from T.I.L. Darling, Model’s Own Jewelry, Shoes from Lulu*s
Photography: Arden Youngblood

Poppin’ Models: Farrah, Morgan, and Charissa Shen (right). On Charissa: Dress from Modcloth, Earrings from Rosana, Model's Own Shoes.
Photography: Arden Youngblood (left) and Brigitte Malivert (right)

You Booze, You Lose: Unlike Tola Emiola (left) who is unable to start her homework because of a hangover, Farrah helps Dorothy Charles (right) understand a problem set due the next day. On Tola: Dress from Lulu*s, Model's Own Shoes. On Farrah: Dress from High Gloss Fashion, Shoes from Fancy French Cologne, Earrings from Modcloth, Ring from Colour Me. On Dorothy: Dress from Gary Pepper Vintage, Earrings from Colour Me.
Photography: Arden Youngblood

Help Me If You Can, I’m Feeling Down: Girl shares woes with attentive therapist, Roman Wilson.On Charissa: Dress from High Gloss Fashion, Model's Own Shoes. On Roman: Shirt from Ben Sherman, Pants from Ben Sherman, Necktie from Freedom From Doubt.
Photography: Arden Youngblood

Just Pla’in’ Hard To Get: Radha Sarkar finds herself in quite the quandary. She can neither get the grade nor the guy (Ryohei Ozaki)! On Radha: Shirt from Cause of My Joy, Skirt from Shoppalu, Shoes from Lulu*s. On Ryohei: Shirt from Modcloth, Model's Own Shoes and Pants.
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Commit To Be Fit: Radha spends an afternoon perfecting her serve. On Radha: Dress from Shabby Apple, Model's Own Shoes.
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Stressed Spelled Backwards Is Desserts: After a doozy of a test, Radha indulges in a double scoop of ice cream. On Radha: Vest from Penelope's Vintage, Shorts from High Gloss Fashion, Earrings from Peacock Plume, Model's Own Shoes.
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Stress Less: Ryohei (left), Carly Paris and Brittany Hardy (right) laugh at a comedy sketch. Brittany shakes her groove thing at a dance club. On Brittany: (Left) Dress from Shopkempt, Earrings from Shopkempt, Purse from Shopkempt, Necklace from Shopkempt, Shoes from Lulu*s. (Right) Dress from Shopkempt, Earrings from Shopkempt, Necklace from Lulu*s, Shoes from Poetic Licence. 
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Fais Le Promenade: Brittany takes a leisurely stroll to clear her head and admire the greenery.  On Brittany: Dress from Shopkempt, Shoes from Lulu*s, Earrings from Colour Me.
Photography: Brigitte

Multitasking Maven: Kelly Hall struggles to finish an assignment due as soon as the formal starts—she attempts to conserve time by curling her hair as she analyses her work, but is visibly upset with this collision of priorities! On Kelly: Dress from Penelope's Vintage, Shoes from Poetic Licence, Earrings from Colour Me, Model's Own Watch.
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Lean N’ Green: After a fabulous night of fun, Kelly enjoys a salad as a late night snack. On Kelly: Dress from Jane, Shoes from Poetic Licence, Ring from Colour Me, Model's Own Necklace.
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Not Your Grandmother’s Food Pyramid: Morgan consumes an inordinate amount of Red Bull, while Dorothy regards her actions with thinly veiled disdain. On Morgan: Shirt from Cause of my Joy, Jeans from Moderne, Earrings from Colour Me, Model's Own Bracelet. On Dorothy: Dress from Fancy French Cologne, Earrings from Rosana. 
Photography: Arden Youngblood

Clutch Blocking: Tola fends off the advances of Ryohei with her clutch. On Tola: Dress from Moderne, Bracelet from Colour Me, Shoes from Poetic Licence. On Ryohei: Pants from Ben Sherman, Bowtie from Freedom From Doubt, Model's Own Shirt.
Photography: Farrah Bui

But Never Late is Better: Brittany sends her beau, Ryohei, a text that reads, “I think I’m late,” to which he clumsily replies, “To class? :)” On Brittany: Shirt from Rosana, Jeans from Lulu*s, Earrings from Colour Me. Photography: Arden Youngblood

But Never Late is Better (cont.): Ryohei teases Brittany so as to finagle his way out of an awkward situation.On Ryohei: Cardigan from Ben Sherman, Model's Own Shoes, Pants, and Shirt.  
Photography: Brigitte Malivert

Makeup Stylist: McKenzie Dawkins
Hair Stylists: The Brickers of BB Hair Color Studio
Photography: Arden Youngblood, Brigitte Malivert, Farrah Bui, and Amina Olajide (Editing)
Planning Committee: Ajibike Lapite, Amina Olajide (Styling), Carly Paris (Styling), Kelly Hall, Kristin Wilson, Morgan Jerkins, Tola Emiola, and Wilhemina Koomson
Sponsors: Ben ShermanCause of My JoyColour MeFancy French CologneFreedom From DoubtGary Pepper VintageHigh Gloss FashionJaneJulep Nail Polish,  Lulu*sModclothModernePeacock Plume,Penelope's VintagePoetic LicenceRosana BoutiqueShabby AppleShopkemptShoppalu, and T.I.L Darling
See Amina's piece about some of our amazing sponsors here!