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Rolling to Class

Kickboard Campus scooters are the official scooter for Her Campus Princeton, and it only takes one test ride to realize why! The “White Kick” scooter is Swiss-designed using the very latest in sports technology. Both smooth gliding and stylish (a Her Campus Princeton must!), White Kicks are fast, fun, and most importantly fume-free. After all nothing is more fashionable than being ‘green!’ Somewhat knew to the US, but all the rage in Europe, Kick scooters are lightweight and easy to fold.

This makes it great for getting to class, commuting to work, or running errands on campus. As a ‘scooter’ novice, I was hesitant to even get on the “White Kick,” but as soon as I started moving I realized how easy and smooth the ride was. This is not your average ‘bumpy-ride’ scooter. It takes green transport to a whole new level. The “White Kick” is also very durable, and every part is replaceable, so your scooter can last virtually forever! We have all noticed those poor souls around campus moving awkwardly by with there rickety scooter, but with the “White Kick” you will be the envy of your friends as you glide past them on the way to class, on a scooter, that not only has a sleek retro style, but is also clearly engineered with exceptional quality. Its padded foam handle grips help to smooth out your riding experience and the fortified rear wheel gives you strong torsional control for great long distance dependability. If you are looking for a way to commute while remaining eco-friendly, owning your own “White Kick” is a must!

I’m not just blowing smoke! Recently I headed to a biochemistry review session (on the “White Kick” naturally) and passed the scooter off for a few friends to ride. The most frequent comment I heard was: “it is so smooth!” The “White Kick” is convenient, speedy, easy to transport, and absolutely chic (afterall, white matches everything).

Don’t take our word for it. Below are two friends on campus who are, obviously, having a blast inside of Schultz!?

Have you seen the Her Campus Princeton girls around campus on their “White Kicks?” Leave a comment below!

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