Review: YogaSmoga

While it was technically winter in Brazil, I made the mistake of thinking that the country would have year-round summer weather—boy, was I wrong. For about two weeks in Brazil, the temperature dropped very suddenly (and included one of the coldest days in Brazil’s history!), and had I not had YogaSmoga products, I would not have been able to continue my workouts or stayed warmed inside the apartment. The product is durable and breathable…something I find hard to find in fitness wear, especially for tight-fitting fitness clothing. The pants were incredible. They kept me warm during workouts during the colder week, but also maintained a breathability that allowed me to cool off after workouts. I do not know how they do it, but the clothing is great! The company also offers great colors and options…something I found out as I was browsing their products for a future purchase!

Disclaimer: YogaSmoga could be the next (and better) Lululemon. Materials were sent, as a gift, to Tori; all opinions were her own.