Review: YogaSmoga

The YogaSmoga “U&Me” bra is perfect for you yogis out there! The racer back fits snugly in between your shoulder blades while the side mesh vents keep you cool. I wore this bra on a day when I didn’t even work out, just because it was so comfortable. Moreover, the bra has so much style (color, cut, and support) that it gives you that same spunk that you have when you wear a cute outfit.

It’s definitely only for yoga though. (Not that YogaSmoga advertises it differently!) However, I absent-mindedly wore it to a cardio workout one day and it was an uncomfortable experience. Compression wise, this sports bra is not going to survive other activities. If yoga is what gets you out of bed in the morning, then it’s the perfect investment – flexible, comfortable, and stylish. However if you want a sports bra that’s versatile then you might want to consider something else for your workout.

Disclaimer: YogaSmoga could be the next (and better) Lululemon. Materials were sent, as a gift, to Tori; all opinions were her own.