Review: Soffe

I love these running shorts! I prefer wearing looser running shorts for more flexibility and breathability. I also tend to sweat a lot on my lower back (TMI) and I don’t want my sweat marks showing.  The only issue I have with finding good running shorts is that they are not made of the same cooling/insulating material as the fabric of form-fitting workout gear. My Soffe shorts proved  otherwise. The material was great in terms of not showing sweat marks and kept me cool after an intense workout or run. I also like the simple lines and colors of my shorts. Also, since the shorts are such a light material, it is easy to wash! With such an affordable price tag, I cannot wait to buy my next pair, too!

Disclaimer: Soffe is not just the hotspot for cheerleaders. Materials refered in the article were sent to Tori as a gift, all opinions are her own.