Review: Recharge Bars

Recharge Dynamic Nutrition’s Sampler Pack

No. Simply no. This is the only product I have received in the mail that I opened, took a look at the product, and was instantly biased against it. Please read my explanation below to see why I am so fervently against these bars. 

Packaging: 3/10

I am being nice and giving the packaging a 3/10 instead of a 0/10 because the picture of the bar on the front actually does look somewhat appetizing. However, the bolded worlds “100 calories” and SPECIFICALLY  “Weight Control Bar” just completely threw me off. I will probably write an article about my thoughts on “weight control” and “weight loss” at some point but if you want to look and feel HEALTHY, don’t go for “weight control” brands that advertise products that “only 100 calories.” 

Health: 6/10

Take a look at the ingredient list. IT IS HUGE! It fills up the entire back wrapper of the bar with chemical-sounding ingredients and is possibly the antithesis of “natural.” I do have to admit though that for a bar that is only 100 calories, these pack a fairly decent amount of protein (8-12g) but there are SO many better ways to consume your protein that I do not believe this factor influences anything.

Flavor: 9/10

Despite my negative views on the health and packaging of these bars, I must grudgingly admit that their flavors are quite good. They were not too sweet or artificial-tasting, unlike a lot of other protein bars out there. 


DO NOT RECOMMEND. At $6 for only three tiny bars, this product is not worth it. $2 per bar is entirely too expensive for you to be wasting money on and you will just be throwing your money away. 

Disclaimer: Recharge Foods has created chocolate bars with 100 calories and 8 grams of protein. The bars are meant to give you the power to recharge. The products that Patricia describes were provided as a gift; all opinions are her own.