Review: Quest Bars

The first step is admitting you have a problem. And here it goes….*sigh* I love peanut butter. I, Tori Rinker, am a peanut butter addict. I will eat it on a sandwich, on a cracker, on granola, and with (or without!) a spoon. Actually my name should probably be Tori “Doesn’t need a spoon to eat peanut butter” Rinker. So when I opened up my box of Quest Bars for the first time and saw peanut butter cups, I squealed for joy! I couldn’t wait to tear into those suckers.

I started off by eating one of the peanut butter bars for a breakfast on the go one Monday morning as I made trip from Charlotte to Columbia. As a self-proclaimed peanut butter connoisseur, it wasn’t as creamy as I like my peanut butter snacks to be. In fact, the texture at first was a little weird. However, once you got passed that slight snafu, it was as blissful and filling as peanut butter itself. It’s the same thing with the peanut butter cups. However, I think the peanut butter cups are better than the bars because of they have the best addition to peanut butter there is…chocolate!  

More importantly, for Quest it’s more about advertising their product. They push a certain state of mind. For instance, in the box of protein bars there was a little card that read, “Don’t Stop! You’re on a Quest.” You’re not on a diet, or a health kick, or even a journey. No, you’re on a quest – a quest through an enchanted forest with chocolate dragons and evil sugar coated pixies trying to thwart your every move. Okay maybe not quite, but it’s fun to think about it like that!

With more delicious flavors like cinnamon roll, chocolate brownie, lemon cream pie, and cookie dough (yet another thing I like to eat by the spoonful) at around 200 calories a bar, with 20 grams of protein (!), what’s not to love?

Disclaimer: Quest is known for their bars that pack on the protein but lack unhealthy amounts of sugar. Materials refered in the article were sent to Tori as a gift, all opinions are her own