Review: NUX USA


The “Rib Racer” tank and the “Joy Bootleg” capris from NUX USA got me through the Saturday’s master Zumba class, so right off the bat this product gets my stamp of approval.

When I first put on the tank, I immediately realized that this tank was going to be great for moving around. The thin strip in the back fit really nicely between my shoulder blades – it almost felt like it wasn’t there. Plus, in a class where my arms are flying everywhere like a clumsy stork, my mind isn’t on whether or not I’m still properly clothed. Same with the capris - I can do squats all day long and, again, I don’t have to worry about whether or not everything stayed put. (Yay for compression garments!)

The biggest pro about NUX is that the clothes were great at sweat wicking. It survived that master class like a pro. Even though my face was dripping with sweat, my clothes didn’t feel soggy.

More pluses about NUX,

1)      Quality - I’ve worn the same yellow top and grey pants to work out about once a week for the past 6 weeks, which means the outfit has been washed at least six times and no sign of fading or regular wear and tear.

2)      Trendy - NUX has lots of different styles and types of garments so you can pretty much find anything to seamlessly slip into your wardrobe.

3)      Comfy -There may or may not have been days that I wore my NUX outfit with the intention of going to the gym, never actually making it to the gym, and then accidentally falling asleep in the capris. Maybe.

I will say that for a college budget, NUX USA is pricey, but you get what you pay for – quality workout gear that will get you through whichever workout you put yourself through.

Disclaimer: NUX USA produces workout clothes that are high quality and feature high functionality. Materials refered in the article were sent to Tori as a gift, all opinions are her own.