Review: Miracle Rice


While I am not a fan of the alternative pasta aka miracle noodles, I really did enjoy the Miracle Rice. The texture was easier for me to get used to since the rice was smaller than the noodles. I also tried an easy recipe that allowed me to make a sort of “oatmeal” with the rice that was great for the mornings. All you do is prepare the rice as it, add some skim milk and then put in some brown sugar and maybe some granola for extra crunch and fruit for fresh sweetness. It was one of my favorite ways to eat the Miracle Noodles brand and was a good way to ease into the unfamiliar texture. While I really do like regular rice and pasta, I think having some Miracle Noodle products around is handy especially if you do not want to feel bloated after a heavy meal. I tried to use the products when I was making richer sauces or something with sweetness. It was a good way bring in good flavors from the sauces without sacrifices the calories or using artificial sweeteners!

Disclaimer:  Miracle Noodles is the king of guilt-free noodles. Materials refered in the article were sent to Farrah as a gift, all opinions are her own.