Review: Detour Bars

Detour’s Lower Sugar Neapolitan Whey Protein Bar

Advertised as Detour’s “best tasting bar yet,” I believe it! They combine three ice-cream inspired flavors together into what I can only describe as a glorified chocolate bar. A delicious, glorified chocolate bar FULL of protein and rich in branched chain amino acids.

Packaging: 9.5/10

When I opened the package that my box of Neapolitan bars came in, my first thought was “YUM.” Just look at the picture above!! The marketing idea to advertise the bar as being inspired by ice cream is brilliant. I have not seen a more appetizing front wrapper in quite a while. This is a bar that will catch your eye in the grocery store and subtly convince you to buy it by hinting at the promise of Neapolitan ice cream. And who doesn’t love ice cream?

Health: 7.5/10

My main qualm about this product is that there are so many complicated chemical ingredients. I would prefer a product that is more ‘natural’ and only has between 5-10 ingredients, not an ingredient list that fills up the whole back wrapper. There is also a fair amount of saturated fat from the chocolate but I still give this bar a relatively high health rating because of the grams of protein that it packs. 

Flavor: 9.5/10

Yum! Even though I have only tried these bars refrigerated (oops), I can only imagine what they taste like at room temp. The flavors melt together fabulously and the chocolate covering is only the icing on the cake. I would say these Detour bars are definitely up there with Quest bars in terms of taste and flavor. 


RECOMMEND! The neapolitan flavor tastes amazing, there is 15g of protein in just one of these bars, and they look absolutely delicious. At $12.51 for a pack of 9 bars, I would say go for it- that is a little less than a buck fifty for protein bars that will actually provide you with a decent amount of protein and not make you feel like you are just eating protein powder. Recommend recommend recommend! 

Disclaimer: Detour produces bars that are chock-full of protein. Materials refered in the article were sent to Patricia as a gift, all opinions are her own.